Visit southern France

Plan your vacation in the south of France by exploring all the most fascinating places to visit

Finding cheap flights to France

During the last ten years or so we have witnessed a significant change in the frequency and methods that people use when travelling around Europe, largely as a result of the new budget airlines operating flight routes to destinations that might otherwise have remained undiscovered.

Despite the accusations of ‘cattle truck’ treatment by some of these cheap airlines they remain extremely popular with flights to many of the new destinations available at a very low price. If you can be flexible about the time and date of your travel, and can keep an eye on upcoming bargains there are often great deals to be found.

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Weekend in the south of France

With the advent of cheap flights from the UK to France, it is increasingly easy and popular to spend a weekend in the south of France.

You can set off on Friday evening, have the whole weekend somewhere glamorous, then return on Sunday evening – relaxed and ready to ask in the office on Monday ‘What did you do this weekend?’

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South of France hotels

If you are planning your visit it is very likely that you will be looking for somewhere to stay!

We’ve looked at various options before but I thought I’d list a few hotel options to make your life easier. Some regions have more hotels than others  – Gascony has far fewer than the French Riviera for example. But unless you are staying somewhere very rural most places have a wide choice available.

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Gateway to the south

It’s hard to say where in your journey through France you cross the ‘border’ and enter into what we would call southern France.

For sure, it is not defined very well by regional boundaries. Although Aquitaine, Provence, Languedoc and Midi-Pyrenees would certainly be considered as south of France, the regions just north of these also claim, with some cause, to be part of the south.

On a recent trip I passed through Correze in the southern Limousin department, and through Puy-de-Dome in the Auvergne . These fall just north of the Dordogne and Languedoc regions respectively.

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Cycling holidays in the south of France

One of the best ways to enjoy the pleasures of the south of France is on a bike, and there are numerous companies that are happy to help you arrange this.

A few decisions are needed before you organise your holiday, including:

Where do you want to go!

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Airports in the south of France

In recent years there has been an ‘explosion’ of airports opening in France, and of new routes becoming available to visitors (especially from the UK) being operated by the budget airlines such as ryanair and flybe. This is good news for the visitor, since the new airports tend to open up new areas of France to visitors

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